Which Java version does Minecraft 1.18 require?

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Here's a short history of Minecraft versions and their respective required Java version:

Minecraft Version Minecraft Releasedate Java version
1.0 18 november 2011 6 or 7
1.12 7 june 2017 8 (LTS)
1.17 8 june 2021 16
1.18 30 november 2021 17 (LTS)

LTS stands for "Long Term Support". These versions can get (security) updates for a long time after release, the general length seems to be 8 years.
(Java 6 & 7 were also supported for +/- 8 years, but this was before the term "LTS" was used)

There were 2 version changes in 2021 because Java 16 was not an LTS, and so was only supported for a few months. At the time of Minecraft 1.17's release, Java 17 was not out yet, so the decision was made to temporarily switch to Java 16.


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